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The Developer toolkit enables you to use our Optical Character Recognition (OCR), barcode reading, and driver license reading technologies in your own Windows application. It also gives you direct access to control the physical scanning devices such as the BizCardReader 901 and the DuplexScan 1210 card scanners. The toolkit is available as a free download.

The OCR and Barcode Developer Toolkit contains Visual Basic, C/C++, and C# .NET libraries which enable an application to perform the following tasks on Windows 10/8/7.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Business Card Reading
  • Bar Code Reading
  • Driver License reading (US and Canada)
  • Scanner Interface and control
  • Image I/O and conversion


The image acquisition, manipulation, and recognition capabilities are accessed through a set of Visual Basic and C/C++/C# Classes and API calls to the relevant Windows 32 dynamic link library. A number of sample programs in VB and C/C++/C# are provided to demonstrate the use of the various features of the toolkit. Complete sample projects are included for the  Microsoft Visual Studio. A command line utility is also provided to perform scanning and barcode reading.

The included libraries are:

Image I/O Libraryprovides routines to read and/or write images to file. Currently supported image formats are TIFF, JPG, and BMP.

Image Utility Library – provides routines to create new images by transforming given input images. The routines available will perform functions such as levelling skewed images and image rotation.

OCR Recognition Library – provides routines to perform optical character recognition. The image to text conversion is performed by calls to the omni-font recognition engine which is capable of recognizing any non-stylised font from 6 – 36 point sizes.

Barcode Recognition Library – provides routines to read 1D and 2D barcodes, including Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC, and PDF417 codes.

Driver License Library – provides routines to read the PDF417 barcode on US and Canadian driver licenses which are AAMVA compliant. These routines will read the barcode and extract information such as name, address, and other information available in the barcode.

Dictionary Library – provides routines to create and use dictionaries for the OCR process to enhance recognition accuracy and for post-processing spell checking.

Card Reader Library provides routines to read business cards and automatically extract field information such as name, tile, company and address fields into a record structure.

Scanner Interface Library – provides routines to interface to the EDT scanners, including the BizCardReader simplex (BCR901) and duplex (DuplexScan 1210) scanners and the Passport mini-flatbed scanners.

The full version of the OCR Developer Toolkit comprising of all the above libraries is provided free for download.

IMPORTANT: The toolkit software is licensed for in-house testing and development use only. You must purchase a license to use the software for non-development and/or commercial purposes. Please refer to the section below on Toolkit Licensing for more information.

Download Developer’s Toolkit (v 10.r7)

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Toolkit Licensing

For commercial and/or non-development use of the computer programs and libraries contained in the OCR Developer Toolkit, you must acquire an End User License to use the software.

You may acquire the necessary license by purchasing and installing on your computer a copy of the BizCardReader software application or the Scan-ID software application. The End User License Agreement (EULA) for these applications include the license to use the computer programs contained in this Developer toolkit. Please contact us for more information on licensing the programs.